Mind Mapping Mastery

An easy to follow, online Mind Mapping course for anyone who wants to learn how to Mind Map®…in their own time and from one of the world’s leading authorities on the technique.

  • Boost thinking, learning and remembering
  • Make notes that are easy for you to understand and remember
  • Work and learn more effectively - get more done, in less time
  • Learn how to use Mind Maps® to boost thinking, learning and remembering, to previously unimagined levels.
  • Take effective notes from the spoken or written word in a way that will make it easy for you to understand and remember them in the future.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your working so that you get more done, do it better and avoid wasting time too!
  • Learn how to excel in exams by learning MORE effectively in LESS time.

The content is written and presented by, Clive Lewis, the Master Mind Mapper who has been using Mind Maps® in a wide-ranging and successful business career for over 30 years.

Clive and his team at Illumine Training have taught tens of thousands of people how to Mind Map® in online courses and face to face workshops and seminars around the world.

What will you get?

  • SEE a demonstration of the Mind Mapping process.
  • SEE and HEAR how to develop a technique that works every time.
  • CREATE your own Mind Maps®.
  • LEARN how to unleash the ability of Mind Maps® to dramatically improve your memory.
  • EXPERIENCE Mind Mapping.
  • DISCOVER the most common mistakes that stop people using Mind Maps® effectively – and how to avoid them.
  • FIND OUT how to use Mind Maps® in a wide range of thinking activities.

Included in this unique online mind mapping course...

The program includes 90 minutes of videos, explanations and exercises that will take you step by step towards a robust Mind Mapping technique – whatever your level of experience. Presented by Clive, in his unique, conversational style, you will get:

  • 9 structured modules written and presented by Clive Lewis himself.
  • 12 months of unlimited access to the entire programme.
  • Advice on how to continue developing your skill and confidence after the programme.
  • FREE downloads of the key Mind Maps® used during the programme.
  • CPD compliant certificate on completion (on request) of the course (giving 1.5 hours CPD) – valid with most Professional Membership Institutes.

NOW with these great BONUS Materials...

'Studying for Exams with Mind Maps®'. This module builds on the fundamentals of the online mind mapping course, delivering tools, tips and exercises relevant to students (in both education establishments and taking professional qualifications). It is delivered in two sections:

  • Enhancing Learning – This section concentrates on note-making and note taking. You’ll be able to take notes in lectures as well as make notes from books and other study materials. We’ll also introduce you to INSEAK® (The Intelligent Strategy for the Effective Acquisition of Knowledge).
  • Revision, Preparation and The Exam – Initially this module concentrates on structured revision and how Mind Mapping can help you to prepare for your exams. You’ll see some real student Mind Maps® and learn how you can use a Mind Map to help you recall information in the exam and plan your answers.

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