Introduction to Creativity

The online creativity course that explains how creativity works and how to generate fresh thinking and new ideas

Creative thinking is a process that can be learned, like any other. But the start point must be an understanding of the underlying nature of creativity. This online creativity course has been developed after working closely with hundreds of businesses and public sector organisations all over the world.

Online Creativity Course Objectives

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how creativity occurs in the workplace and wants to understand how the creative process works - so that they can work more effectively.

  • Understand the concept of functional fixedness - the tendency to see things the way we usually see things - and what we need to do to create new perspectives and new ideas.
  • Understand the relationship between creativity and innovation.
  • Understand the first three stages of the creative process.
  • Learn a simple model for when it is appropriate to be creative - and when it is not.
  • Distinguish between logical and creative thinking.
  • Discover the vital role of the language we use when creating ideas.

What you will learn

  • Where ideas come from and why they don't always arrive 'to order'
  • How creative thinking dffers from logical thinking - and how both are essential for the generation of usable solutions and ideas
  • How to avoid wasting enormous amounts of time and effort, by ensuring that you solve the real problem
  • How the language you use can influence the quality of the ideas you produce
  • The importance of the right mindset.

The online creativity course is highly practical and is equally valuable for team managers and professionals - in the private and public sectors - who understand that they cannot make things better by keeping things the same! Anyone who needs to understand how to solve problems more effectively and come up with new ideas, is going to benefit from this programme.

The course draws on experience of using and teaching creative thinking in the real world...

  • Our Director of Training used many of the techniques we now teach, when working with one of the world's leading management consultancies, to improve radically, organisations' performance
  • The Creative Process Model helps to demystify creative thinking and make it accessible for everyone
  • This unique online creativity course draws on our wide experience of teaching creativity to a wide range of indivduals and organisations, all over the world for nearly 20 years

“I thought that 'being creative' was something that applied to other people - definitely not me. Now I know that I can be creative and come up with new ideas myself!”

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